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Voice Messaging

Connect with Customers in an Engaging Manner

Voice SMS/ Call Services

If your business is not able to bring in the desired results through alternative visual or textual modes of communication, consider using our unique Voice service that help you deliver a variety of engaging messages to your customers.

Whether you intend to send our greetings, offers, pursue surveys or acquire feedback, VDPL helps you design and execute an impeccable voice strategy that delivers results.

Key Benefits of Using Voice

VDPL offers to you unparalleled expertise backed by high quality infrastructure which helps ensure your voice messages are communicated exactly how you want them.

Other key benefits include –

  • 24 hours service 7 days a week, making it easy to reach out to customers in different time zones all over the world.
  • Appeal to the emotional quotient of every customer by giving your marketing communications a personal touch.
  • Ability to execute voice services in regional languages, hereby enhancing reach.

With a host of other benefits, our Voice services can make or break your campaign.