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SMS Services

Facilitate Enterprise Mobility and Marketing Communications with VDPL’s SMS Service

SMS Services

Our value driven SMS facilities at VDPL allow brands to acquire an additional dimension of communication with their target customers. Our offerings guarantee enhanced accountability, scalability as well as an excellent ROI that is unparalleled to our competitors.

Areas where our SMS services can be leveraged –

  • Marketing communications
  • Promotions, offers and sales
  • To provide status updates on shipping and delivery
  • To troubleshoot issues experienced by customers
  • To acquire feedback or conduct surveys
  • To activate and deactivate services, among various other uses.

With over 70% of the world communicating through mobile SMS proves to be a simple route through which you can communicate with your target audience. With an impressive infrastructure at VDPL, we help make sure that lead management, conversions management, and other MIS report are effectively streamlined for the benefit of the brands we work with.