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Expense Free Engagement with Customers through our Missed Call Services

Missed Calls Service

One of the biggest advantages of Missed Call solutions offered at Chilli Communications is that this method significantly helps improve user engagement without forcing the end user to spend a penny. Our digital marketing and telecommunications infrastructure helps brands all over the world to leverage this service to contribute to their overall marketing and sales strategy.

Areas where our Missed Call Services can be Put to Use

  • Voting applications such as those used by reality TV shows.
  • Verification of users, often used by E-commerce websites after a new user places an order for the first time.
  • Subscription and opt-out management.
  • To record the interest of users in your offerings.

Our Missed call services call also be easily integrated with other services to initiate outbound calls, USSD sessions among many other facilities. This cost effective way to provide feedback proves to be extremely convenient and affordable for all.