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Virtual Tour

A New Dimension Connecting the Online and Offline World

Virtual Tour

A virtual tour is a reproduction of an existing location, generally composed of a sequence of still images or video. Other multimedia elements such as narration, music, sound effects and text are also used for further enhancement.

By using a video camera, the location is recorded while moving at a walking pace. They are continuous movement or motion pictures.

Application of Virtual Tour Video

A video is an interactive media to augment the experience of the audience. Virtual Tour Services are designed, developed and published for diverse marketing purposes. We offer our services across varied sectors and industries. We identify with today’s business needs and promotional strategies and attempt to provide a fine balance for your promotions. It is helpful for showcasing hotels, resorts, tourism products, real estate properties, wedding venues, education institutions, automobile showrooms and many other locations.

This technology helps businesses to display their product virtually without physically going to the location in a real manner and add a link to their existing website. They are useful for promoting at exhibitions and fairs that repetitively run on LCDS or over head projectors and can be distributed with brochures, recorded on a CD. These tours can also be easily provided on your corporate website or any other page on the internet. This increases your consumer reach by integrating online and offline tours.

The Purpose for Choosing Vikalp Development

We have a skilled team of with high experience, talent and proficiency working with us. We totally believe in customer centric and process driven approach. We endeavor to provide clients with user friendly, affordable and effective internet solutions that lift up end user experience.

All of our video provides a virtual tour 360 overview and is designed and customized to best suit your requirements thus bring forth your venue in the best possible way.

We use latest technology tools and high resolution images and visualize seamlessly for creating a virtual tour. We are committed to provide competitive quality of work within the given deadlines and ensure that you get complete user satisfaction.